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The best free movies on YouTube right nowGoogle quietly began rolling out the YouTube Movies & Shows section in 2011. ... ...

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Posted on: 09/08/20
The best free movies on YouTube right now

Google quietly began rolling out the YouTube Movies & Shows section in 2011. Since then, its library of titles for rent, purchase, and free ad-based streaming has grown considerably, adding up to more movies than you could watch in a lifetime. If you don’t want to pay for a streaming service like Netflix or HBO, you can view some free movies on YouTube, but it’s not easy to make an educated choice when you’re faced with something you’ve probably never heard of. Stream Movies Online

In most cases, the highest-quality films available to watch for free are also supported by ads, so you’ll need to deal with a few commercials when viewing them.

To help save you some time (and money!) in your search for what to watch next, we’ve sifted through the site to bring you this list of the best full-length — and, of course, free — movies on YouTube right now.

Although it wasn’t a huge hit when it was first in theaters, Roland Emmerich’s sci-fi adventure Stargate spawned a long-running franchise on the small screen with multiple TV series and spinoffs in the years that followed its release. The film follows a team of scientists and explorers who pass through a giant portal unearthed in Giza, only to discover a new world modeled on ancient Egypt and ruled by a powerful extraterrestrial species on the other side of the universe. James Spader and Kurt Russell lead the cast of the film, portraying an Egyptologist and a military specialist, respectively, who lead the exploration team.

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